About us

Portal Go4HealthTravel is a medical tourism portal.

Service is intended for patients seeking high quality medical services , including outside the country in which they live.

At the same time service provides a platform for the exchange of information for medical facilities: offices , clinics , spa’s and medical doctors who specialize in chosen field of medicine. As specialists in the e -commerce and internet industry we ensure promotion services provided in the most popular and accessible media and advertising channels.

Patients receive a tool allowing a quick and easy search of interesting medical treatment, clinic and the best medical doctors.

Those who do not want to limit your trip to the advancement of medical treatment can combine it with a visit to the country of destination . Our specialists will be happy to arrange sightseeing and/or shopping tours , depend on the customer preferences. Comprehensive services include full organization of the stay of patients both before and after the medical treatment.

We invite you to cooperate and take advantage of our services!