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The 3G Dentist clinic is build by the team of great specialists in dentistry, mainly dealing with implantology, endodontics and conservative dentistry. We are working for patients with high requirements and expecting the treatment on highest level. In the clinic works next generation of dentists and the patients can enjoy the nice, friendly atmosphere.

We warrant the highest comfort, state-of-art equipment and newest therapies used in the international dentistry. That’s why 3G Dentist Clinic is one of the best dental clinics on the market. We are proud of the best clinic’s equipment, which have only few clinics in Kraków.

The offer includes treatment in the field of:

  • Dental Implantology
  • Endodontics using microscope
  • Profilaxy, like e.g. consultancy, scaling, sandblasting, bleaching, fluoridation, intraoral camera etc
  • Dental surgery (tooth extraction, extraction of impacted tooth, extraction of wisdom tooth, apicoectomy, bone regeneration)
  • Aesthetic dentistry (bleaching, veneers, fillings, gums correction)
  • Orthodontics (consultancy, braces)
  • CT
  • The Wand – computer anaesthesia
  • 6 different systems of dental implants

The 3G Dentist Clinic offers treatment in all areas of the dentistry. Our services are dedicated to the adults and children.


3G Dentist Certyfikat    3G Dentist Certyfikat dr Wozniacki  3G Dentist Certyfikat dr Wozniacki Med Estet

Do you have any questions or you want to make an appointment ? Call us !
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Kielecka 1
31-526 Kraków, Malopolskie
Price list
NamePrice minPrice max
Dentistry € €
Dental diagnostic5 € €
Dental X-rays5 € €
Orthopantomography18 € €
Computed Tomography (CT)50 €100 €
Orthodontics125 € €
Orthodontic consultation13 €13 €
Orthodontic Diagnosis (models)13 €13 €
Removable Dental Braces125 €150 €
Fixed braces with metal archwire and brackets325 € €
Fixed braces coloured brackets580 €580 €
Anesthesia5 € €
Classic Infiltration Anesthesia or Wire5 €5 €
"The Wand" Computer Assisted Anesthesia System13 €13 €
Periodontology25 € €
Scaling + sandblasting25 €40 €
Scaling, sandblasting, polishing and fluoridation50 € €
Closed dental curettage30 € €
Gingivectomy (single tooth)50 € €
Mouthguard100 € €
More prices here


I'll never say that I'm afraid of the dentist. I recommend this clinic!

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