Andrzej Barwijuk M.D. Ph.D.

Owner of the Medifem Clinic, President of the Polish Society of Plastic Gynaecology (
A doctor with 30 years professional experience, specialized in the field of gynaecological plastic surgery and working in the Medifem Clinic since 2006.

Andrzej Barwijuk M.D. Ph.D. worked in the period of 1993-2006 as the Head of Hospital Department of Gynaecology in the Gynaecological-Obstetric Hospital in Warsaw (Szpital Ginekologiczno-Położniczy im. Świętej Rodziny).
In his career he has worked with experts from around the world bringing onto the Polish market the gynaecological plastic surgery. He shares his knowledge, skills and experience organizing and leading the trainings and workshops on behaviour of the Polish Society of Plastic Gynaecology ( Andrzej Barwijuk M.D. Ph.D. is a member of Polish Gynaecologic Society (PTG) and Polish Society of the Videosurgery (PTW). Since 2004 he is a member of The American Cosmetic Gynaecology Society (FACOG, ISC), of American Institute of Plastic and Reconstructive Gynaecology and Foundation of the American Association of Gynaecologic Laparoscopy (FAAGL).

Doctor Andrzej Barwijuk is an author of over 50 scientific publications in Polish and foreign journals.

Andrzej Barwijuk M.D. Ph.D. for many years is engaged in gynaecological plastic surgery and performs treatments in the field of e.g. labiaplasty, vaginal perineoplasty, hymenoplasty and frenuloplasty. Doctor is very dedicated into his job and cares about the satisfaction of patients.
Andrzej Barwijuk’s special interest are endoscopy (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and hydrolaparoscopy) and urogynaecology (inclusive surgical treatment of urinary incontinence).

Andrzej Barwijuk M.D. Ph.D. is a medical authority and specialist appreciated not only in Poland but also by the international medical community: several times he lectured on the international congresses for plastic gynaecology: in Fort Louderdale (Florida, USA), San Antonio (USA) and in Milan, Rome, Paris and Istanbul.