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  • Centrum Płatek
  • Centrum Płatek
  • Centrum Płatek
  • Centrum Płatek
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Centrum Płatek is a modern dental clinic in Szczecin (Poland). Doctors working in the clinic are the best specialists in the field of dentistry.
Thanks to excellent, high-quality equipment we are able to perform even the most difficult dental procedures in a very short time.

The clinic offers dental treatments in the field of conservative dentistry, endodontics, dental surgery and implantology, prosthetics, periodontics, orthodontics and pedodontics. Endoscopic microscope is very useful in hard to reach areas of posterior teeth, for precise handling of root canal. Microscopic dentistry is also used in the clinic in resection or gum tissue transplantation.

In Centrum Płatek is recommended to use in every field of dentistry a laser therapy, which affects anti-inflammatory, analgesic and bio-stimulated. The laser diode significantly reduces the duration of periodontic treatment.

Centrum Płatek offers reconstruction of missing teeth, in particular dental implants. We use systems of Biomet 3i implant and Dentsply and prosthetic components based on zirconium.

For the foreign patients, the clinic Centrum Płatek has implemented solutions helping in settlements with sickness funds, especially with the German. On request, the procedures are carried out in accordance with German law and the full documentation and bills are conducted in German.

The clinic is open daily from Monday to Friday 10:00 - 20:00 and Saturdays 10:00 - 16:00.


Do you have any questions or you want to make an appointment ? Call us !
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ul. Księdza Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego 14
70-200 Szczecin

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