Łukasz Łebkowski MD

Łukasz Łebkowski

Specialist of aesthetic medicine.

A graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw.

Specialist in general surgery in Poland and Luxembourg. Works as an Assistant in the II Department of General Surgery, Medical University of Warsaw, Specialist in the Department of the Large Intestine Cancer at Institute of Oncology in Warsaw and in the Soft Tissue/Bone Sarcoma and Melanoma Clinic.

Dr. Łukasz Łebkowski works also as a Specialist in General and Visceral Surgery in Zithaklinik in Luxembourg. He is especially interested in laparoscopic techniques.

He has many years experience in the treatment of leg veins using the surgery, sclerotherapy and laser therapy.

Specialist in the evaluation of skin lesions, diagnosis of melanoma and of other skin cancers as well as in their treatment.