Medical tourism

More and more of us are opting for treatment abroad. Medical tourism is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative for many (often frustrated) patients.
Why are we looking for the foreign doctors?  
  • In most cases it is a way for saving money: the same medical services provided on at least the same level tend to be cheaper in some countries, e.g. in Poland, where the prices of some treatments are 60-80% lower than in the European Union or in the United States.  
  • Very important factor is a need to preserve the privacy and maintain the confidentiality of the treatment.   
  • Some treatments (such as e.g. abortion, fructification in vitro) are often inaccessible to the patients due to the applicable regulations, and are perfectly legal abroad.   
  • Reputable clinics, which could boast of great outcomes, providing medical care at the highest level and equipped with the latest technology attracts patients from all the world, regardless of the country of origin.   
Additionally holidays combined with medical treatment are becoming the norm.
The market potential has been recognized by the industry: Every year IMTJ (International Medical Tourism Journal) awards a prize “Medical Travel Awards”, honoring companies and clinics for their innovation and commitment to excellence in medical tourism. This year's awards (2014), the prizes in the fields i.a. of "Destination of the Year", "The International Hospital of the Year", "International specialized center for the patients", "International dental clinic of the year", "International infertility treatment clinic of the year" have been awarded to clinics in UK, USA, Kenya, Jordan, India, Singapore and Malaysia.
Unfortunately the European countries (excepting UK) haven’t found favour with the professionals. Why? Perhaps the clinics are under-represented in international forums?
On our portal we present doctors and clinics that certainly can compete with institutions from the Far East. We invite you to use our services.