Prof. Wiesław Hędzelek MD PhD


A graduate of Medical University in Poznań in 1971. Specializes in prosthetics and dental implantology.

His father, Czesław Hędzelek, established in 1950 in Poznań “Protezownia”, a manufactory of dental prostheses. In 2005 Prof. Wiesław Hędzelek has converted “Protezownia” into “Centrum Stomatologii Candeo” (“Dental Center Candeo”).

From 1997 had Prof. Wiesław Hędzelek MD, PhD a position of the Head of the Propedeutic and Dental Rehabilitation Department at the Dental Institute of the Karol Marcinkowski Medical University in Poznań, and from 2004 - the Head of the Department and Clinic of Prosthodontics.

Profesor is engaged in education and graduates of Dental Institute in Poznań, in the past also abroad: in UK and in Germany (Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel). In years 2008-2011 Prof. Wiesław Hędzelek held a position of of the Head of the Dental Centre in the K. Marcinkowski Medical University in Poznań, in years 2005-2007 and from 2010 position of the District Consultant For Prosthodontics.

Prof. Wiesław Hędzelek MD, PhD has been active in professional organizations, constantly expanding his knowledge. He is a member of :

  • Presidium of the Board of the Polish Dental Association,
  • OSIS Polish National Dental Implantology Association,
  • founder member of the Towarzystwo Chorób Narządu Żucia (Masticatory Organ Diseases Society),
  • European Prosthodontic Association (EPA),
  • International College of Prosthodontists ICP,
  • American Pierre Fauchard Academy (International Honor Dental Organization).

Prof. Wiesław Hędzelek MD, PhD cooperates with several scientific journals, like „Protetyka Stomatologiczna“ (“Dental Prosthetics”), „Quintessence Polska“ (as Editor-in-Chief), „International Journal of Prosthodontics“.

Huge scientific achievements of Professor. dr. Wiesław Hędzelek (he’s the author of 469 scientific works) makes him one of highly reputable dentists.