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The Clinic San Medical was founded by Dr. Sandelewski. Sun Medical is a Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic.

Our priority is the highest quality of treatments, discretion and the highest level of patient’s comfort. Our team of the doctors and medical staff raise its qualifications permanently, what is a warranty for an innovative, personalised and fully professional approach to the patient. The patient care includes not only improving of his appearance but also reinforcing of his well-being and self-acceptance.

A comprehensive approach ensures a satisfaction with the treatments. State of the art medical equipment and a big range of used medical procedures increases the safety of patients and warrants a spectacular results.

The clinic offers a wide range of treatments in aesthetic medicine as well as in general and plastic surgery. Our specialities are:

  • hair transplantation with FUE metodology
  • liposuction
  • breast augmentation
  • botox
  • lips augmentation
  • wrinkles reduction
  • buttock correction
  • laser treatments

The range of performed treatments is much broader, and their type is adjusted to individual patient needs and expectations.

Do you have any questions or you want to make an appointment ? Call us !
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ul. Międzyrzecka 26
43-382 Bielsko-Biała, Slaskie
Price list
NamePrice minPrice max
Treatment with botulinum toxin125 € €
Botox-Horizontal forehead wrinkles125 € €
Botox-Wrinkles between the eyebrows125 € €
Botox-Crows feet125 € €
Raising the corners of the mouth225 € €
Lip augmentation250 €500 €
Lips refreshing225 € €
Needle mesotherapy150 € €
Face shape modelling1000 €1250 €
Filling Radiesse300 €450 €
Lifting threads Silhouette Soft250 € €
Sculptra375 € €
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)550 € €
Reduction of nasolabial folds225 € €
Correction of tear streaks200 €300 €
Modeling cheeks500 €550 €
Phlebology250 €625 €
Sclerotherapy250 €625 €
Treatment of vascular lesions75 € €
Laser photo rejuvenation75 € €
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hello, how mich does it cost a lipo and putt that in my butt?

Please contact us ( and send us your email address (or phone number), we will answer you immediately.

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