Thermage, rejuvenation without surgery

The older we get, our skin becomes looser and more susceptible to wrinkles formation. It’s caused by the disappearance of collagen fibers, a major structural skin protein. How to improve the condition of the skin, rejuvenate facial contours and even smooth wrinkles? One of the procedures is Thermage.
The treatment is performed using radio waves at high frequencies. The Thermage procedure uses radiofrequency energy to increase the temperature in the deep dermis, what changes immediately the shape of collagen fibers, which shrinks. The heating increases the volume of collagen and stimulates in long period of time his production by the skin cells.
That’s the cause of anti-aging working of Thermage.
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The treatment begins by drawing a grid on the skin to apply precisely the irradiation of the skin (the grid is washable after the procedure). Thermage does not damage the skin, because of simultaneously cooling the outer layer of the skin and protecting it. Thermage can be performed on the all face (including lips and eyes), as well as the neck, hands, abdomen and thighs.
The procedure is moderately painful. The pain is often described as a "hot pin prick", therefore it requires sometimes an application of an anesthetic cream on the skin.
After the treatment the patient can use analgesics from 1 to 4 days. It is very important to use for 7-10 days after surgery the sun-protection cream (sunblock).
The main complications include swelling and redness in the treatment area. Very rare but long lasting negative effect of Thermage are irregularities of the surface. All these symptoms disappear within 1-3 weeks.
Burns are very rare and usually caused by the operating errors such as setting to high radiated power.
Interestingly, in the most doctors’ opinion, Thermage effectively reduces acne by reducing production of sebum. Thermage can be an alternative or complementary treatment to the laser therapy.
Piotr Kosik