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Unident Union Dental Spa is a well-known clinic, specializing in interdisciplinary therapies combining elements of aesthetic medicine and dentistry. The treatments are based on the Dental Face Lifting® program, an original method of multi-level and sustained facial rejuvenation and correction of facial shape using the techniques from the field of dentistry and aesthetic medicine. Dental Face Lifting® method has been developed and patented by Iwona Gnach-Olejniczak M.D..

The clinic also realize orthodontic treatment, providing a beautiful smile without of teeth removal. Therapies and the high professional skills of the medical team are appreciated by patients not only from Poland but also from all the world. The clinic is trusted by Polish stars and celebrities.

The founder of the clinic Unident Union Dental Spa is Mrs. Iwona Gnach-Olejniczak M.D., specialized in orthodontics, one of the most famous Polish dentists. Iwona Gnach-Olejniczak M.D. introduced to the Polish Orthodontic technics the systems of self-ligating braces.

The results of orthodontic treatments realized in Unident Union Dental Spa are unique and often unattainable for other professionals who are able to get similar results using only surgical solutions.

Unident Union Dental Spa also specializes in dental implants and dental reconstructions. It boasts very high levels of integration of bone implants (99.7%). They are used two systems of dental implants: Astra Tech, and Biomet 3i.

The “hollywood smile” will be provided thanks to prosthetics, like crowns and bridges on implants, dentures stabilized on implants, all-ceramic crowns, bridges, porcelain and ceramic veneers.

All procedures performed in the clinic Unident Union Dental Spa are highly efficient. Each treatment is preceded by 360 degrees consultation, required for a preparation of detailed, interdisciplinary treatment plan.
The patients can use the online consultation. The results of diagnostic radiographs etc can be transmitted to patients via email. They are filled with medical survey analyzed by a team of specialists who develop a treatment plan as well as a preliminary estimation of the treatment’s costs. To improve the communication process, each patient receives his personal consultant.

The clinic uses the method of "one-stop-shop". This method allows to perform in one place and during one visit the full diagnostics and therapeutic dental procedures, incl. aesthetic orthodontics, prosthetics and aesthetic medicine. The method of "one-stop-shop" guarantees the safety of the therapy and is a very convenient option for the patients.

The specialized, up-to-date medical equipment of Unident Union Dental Spa makes the clinic one of the most modern dental clinics in Poland. On the other hand it allows limit the pain and invasiveness of treatments and is getting up to the best medical effects.

Dental condition and shape of the jaws determine the appearance of the face. In order to ensure a youthful appearance and improve the facial shape Iwona Olejniczak Gnach M.D. uses additional treatments from the of aesthetic medicine area, like:

  • anti-aging techniques,
  • skin conditioning (epidermis to the dermis),
  • laser treatments (facelift and resurfasing) and
  • treatments using ultrasound and radiofrequency.

The team of qualified doctors and cosmetologists supports Mrs. Gnach-Olejniczak realizing the mesotherapy, chemical peels and treatments using platelet rich plasma PRP.

The clinic is open daily from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:00 and on Saturday from 9:00 to 14:00.


Do you have any questions or you want to make an appointment ? Call us !
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Al. Kochanowskiego 20 CD
51-601 Wrocław
Price list
NamePrice minPrice max
Conservative dentistry50 € €
Dental consultation50 € €
Composite filling70 €145 €
"The Wand" Computer Assisted Anesthesia System20 € €
Rebuilding tooth145 € €
Rebuilding a broken tooth145 € €
Rebuilding tooth with a composite145 € €
Treatment of Dentin Hypersensitivity300 € €
Inlay/Onlay220 € €
Bonding70 €225 €
Dental implants875 € €
Implant Consultation50 € €
Dental implant875 € €
Bone grafting1000 €1750 €
Bio-material (e.g. artificial bone)615 €1250 €
Sinus lifting875 €1500 €
Implant Supported Locator Overdenture2500 €2500 €
Implant supported overdenture in implant bar3000 €4000 €
Implants supported Porcelain Bridge8750 €18750 €
Crown on implant625 €1125 €
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