For clinics

Go4HealthTravel is a presentation platform for clinics and their services to potential patients.

Medical tourism plays an increasingly important role not only in Poland but also around the world. Price differentiation of medical treatment and their quality makes it more and more interesting for patients, which decide to look abroad for medical treatments offers corresponding to their expectations.

Specialized medical staff, skilled in many areas of medicine , innovative treatment methods , comprehensive medical care, modern medical and diagnostic equipment as well as favorable price and short treatments are qualities that will ensure the interest of foreign patients.

But how to reach them with information?

Due to the presence in our website , through the use of available channels and information networks have the ability to reach a wide mass audience.

We offer:

  • presentation of your facility and offer in the portal
  • cooperation in getting patients
  • support for both patients and facilities to the highest standard

We invite you to cooperate with us.


Four reasons to be with us:

  Increase your visibility   Get more patients Attract international patients  Increase your revenues








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