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Medicus Bonus

The Medicus Bonus Hospital in Środa Wielkopolska is a modern hospital, owned by the company Medicus Bonus operating since 1993 and having also 4 other clinics in Wielkopolska region in Poland. The hospital is very well and modern equipped and for all surgical procedures are used the latest methods and therapies. Thanks to that the average stay in the hospital has been reduced to 3-4 days, even after very complex orthopaedic surgeries.

Centrum Odnowy REVITA

Centrum Odnowy Revita is a clinic representing the highest standards of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.
Highly qualified medical staff and individual approach to each patient warrants highest level of our services.

The treatments are based on holistic approach to the patient. Centrum Odnowy Revita offers a big range of treatments:

Laguna Medical

Laguna Medical exists on the market for over 15 years.
The clinic offers services in the field of aesthetic dermatology, surgery, orthopaedics and ophthalmology.


The Clinic San Medical was founded by Dr. Sandelewski. Sun Medical is a Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic.

Medycyna Specjalistyczna Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej

Urology, Pulmonology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Neurology, Cardiology, Surgery, Dermatology, Gynaecology, Gastrology, Allergology, Aesthetic Medicine, Rehabilitation, Diagnostics, Dentistry

Centrum Medycyny Estetycznej ESTIME

Centrum Medycyny Estetycznej ESTIME offers services in many fields of medicine. We guarantee high quality of services provided by experienced doctors.

Dermatology, Aesthetic Medicine, Gynecology, Nutrition

Klinika Urody Esthetique

The clinic has 3 branches in which are performed medical treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine and dermatology. Klinika Urody Esthetique authorized by Klapp Cosmetics.


The clinic offers treatments in dermatology, aesthetic medicine and dermatosurgery, including laser treatments using the latest equipment.

Centrum Dermatologii Esteticon

The clinics offerincludes treatments and consultations in the field of general and aesthetic dermatology and cosmetology.

The staff speaks English, French, German and Turkish.

Novella Strefa Urody

Aesthetic medicine and dermatology. Treatments performed by Marcin Wiatroszek M.D., a specialist in the plastic surgery.

Prestige Skin

Treatments in aesthetic medicine, dermatology and transplantation own body fat.

Comprehensive medical services. Modern equipment and experienced medical staff ensure an innovative approach to each patient and medical case.

Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology, Cardiology, Gynecology, Gastrointestinal, Laryngology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, Urology


Treatment of skin diseases and elimination of skin imperfections. Specialists perform treatments in general, surgery and aesthetic dermatology and consult and treat venereological diseases.

Dermatologia estetyczna Derm-art

The clinic for treating patients mainly in the field of Dermatology and Venereology. Scientific-Research and Training Centre for Aesthetic Dermatology, Dermatosurgery and Photodermatology. Diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases and sexually transmitted infections, the treatment of vitiligo, beauty treatments using fillers.


Treatment of skin diseases and elimination of skin imperfections. Specialists perform treatments in general, surgery and aesthetic dermatology and consult and treat venereological diseases.

Works closely with Dermica.

Clinica Dermalogica

The clinic specializes in clinical dermatology, aesthetic medicine, surgery of the skin and venereology.

ORCHID Centrum Zdrowia i Urody

We offer the highest level of medical services, including bariatric surgery and general surgery. In addition, we perform non-invasive treatments and diagnostics in the field of aesthetic medicine, dermatology, angiology, urology and gastroenterology.

Klinika Zdrowia i Urody Art-Medica

Klinika Art-Medica was founded by the doctors: Edyta Oszkinis M.D. and Renata Plesińska M.D.. The facility has been operating since 2006 and offers treatments in dermatology, plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and vascular surgery.

Klinika Medycyny Estetycznej i Kosmetologii Lekarskiej

Beauty treatments, modeling, slimming and rejuvenating.

Aesthetic medicine, dermatology and cosmetology.

Revival Clinic

Revival Clinic is a renowned clinic specialized in modern, innovative treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine, laser treatment, aesthetic and general dermatology, aesthetic and general gynaecology, cosmetology, surgery, phlebology and proctology. In the clinic are working the best educated and highly skilled doctors, which provide medical services at the highest level.


The clinic was founded by Iwona Stajkowska M.D., a physician specializing in aesthetic dermatology.

Unident Union Dental Spa

Unident Union Dental Spa is a well-known clinic, specializing in interdisciplinary therapies combining elements of aesthetic medicine and dentistry. The treatments are based on the Dental Face Lifting® program, an original method of multi-level and sustained facial rejuvenation and correction of facial shape using the techniques from the field of dentistry and aesthetic medicine.

NZOZ Alterida

Dermatology, Aesthetic Medicine, Surgery, Cardiology, Nutrition, Laryngology, Neurology, Rehabilitation, Ophthalmology, Diagnostics, Dentistry, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Gastrointestinal, Pulmonology


Treatments in aesthetic dermatology. Treatment of obesity, excessive sweating and dermatological conditions.

DermaMed Estetica

Aesthetic medicine, dermatology, plastic surgery. Dr Łukasz Michalak, orthopaedist offers his services.

Klinika Medycyny Estetycznej

Aesthetic Medicine Clinic has branches in three cities (Wrocław, ul. Solskiego 4A, Legnica, ul Złotoryjska 82, Kłodzko, ul. Rodzinna 49). It offers services in the field of dermatology and aesthetic dermatology and cosmetology.

Centrum Medyczne DoktorA

Centrum Medyczne doktorA provides the highest quality of medical services.

Our offer includes services for e.g. family medicine, surgery, dermatology, endocrinology, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine and aesthetic medicine as well. Detailed description of our services is available on our website

The Offer of Centrum Medyczne doktorA is also dedicated to the companies ensuring their employees a comprehensive medical care.

CORAMED Medical Centre

CORAMED is a medical centre established in Wrocław (Poland) in 2014. The state of the art equipment, like e.g. XION laparoscope, ultrasonograph, fractional laser EMERGE, MAXIMUS device for silhouette shaping, meets the highest international standards.

CORAMED Medical Center

We provide treatments i.a. from the field of:

Centrum Medyczne Meritum

Medical Center "Meritum" (Centrum Medyczne "Meritum") has been established in 2012 in Kamień Pomorski (Poland), a picturesque spa town, known for, among others, the annual festival of organ and chamber music. Localised very close to the German border, port of Świnoujście and the airports in Goleniów (Szczecin) and Berlin is Medical Center “Meritum” very attractive clinic also for patients from all over Europe.

Instytut Zdrowia i Urody "Sentido"

Aesthetic medicine clinic offering treatments in the field of dermatology and aesthetic dermatology.

Go4HealthTravel WELLDERM

Aesthetic medicine clinics located in Wrocław and Warszawa (Poland). Specialized in dermatology and aesthetic dermatology.

Instytut DermaMed

Aesthetic medicine, dermatology, lasertherapy. Two clinics in Wrocław (Poland) localised on the Żeromskiego 77 and Krzycka 92 street.

Specializes in aesthetic dermatology, laser and light therapy.

Médico Cirujano- Universidad Mayor de San Simón
Nº de Colegiado. 41377 COMB-Barcelona

A graduate of the Medical University of Lodz (Poland). She specializes in psychodermatology and holistic treatment of pain.

She performs aesthetic treatments and laser therapy like e.g. botox, fillings, peelings, removal of scars and stretch marks, skin fractionation.

Alex Alli Balogun M.D. is a graduate of Silesian Medical University in Katowice from year 1997.

A specialist of general surgery. Works as an assistant in the Gastrointestinal Surgery Department if the Central Central Clinical Hospital (Centralny Szpital Kliniczny) in Katowice.

He participated in many training courses, courses, symposia and conferences in the field of general, plastic and aesthetic surgery and dermatology as well.