Clinics - Rehabilitation, manual therapy


Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Dzieci i Młodzieży z Mózgowym Porażeniem Dziecięcym
Rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy. ...
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Gabinety Fizjoterapii Novina
The clinic "Gabinety Fizjoterapii Novina" was established in 2008. The offer includes medical services in the field of rehabilitation. Modern equipment, e.g. the dynamographic platform and devices for laser therapy. ...
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OMT RehaCentrum
The clinic was founded in 2001. He specializes in physiotherapy and rehabilitation of the spine. ...
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Niepubliczny Zakład Rehabilitacji Leczniczej REMAFIZ
Rehabilitation of people with disorders of the musculoskeletal system (after injury, overload), as well as chronic diseases related to the nervous system or congenital defects. They are used therapies in the field of physiotherapy, physical therapy and massage. ...
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AMED Sp. o.o. launched in 2007 NZOZ Górnośląskie Centrum Medycyny i Rehabilitacji AMED located in Katowice, Ceglana Street 67 C . GCMiR immediately became one of the largest, most modern and most of all highly rated by physicians and patients a rehabilitation center in the region.  We specialize...
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