Centrum Odnowy REVITA
Centrum Odnowy Revita is a clinic representing the highest standards of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Highly qualified medical staff and individual approach to each patient warrants highest level of our services. The treatments are based on holistic approach to the patient. Centrum Odnowy Revita offers a big range of treatments:
Klinika Medycyna Urody
Horizon Clinic (formely “Klinika Medycyna Urody”) is one of the most modern medical centers in Warsaw. In the Clinic we perform very innovative treatments using the biological potential of patient’s body. Therapies using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell are flagship treatments of the clinic.
Instytut Beauty Derm Beata Kociemba
The clinic Beauty Derm Institute is located in Mokotów in Warsaw, Poland. The team of highly qualified and experienced doctors perform appearance enhancement procedures especially using non invasive techniques. We are specialized in aesthetic treatments like: anti aging facial injections, microdermabrasion, skin peels, laser facial rejuvenation,
Unident Union Dental Spa
Unident Union Dental Spa is a well-known clinic, specializing in interdisciplinary therapies combining elements of aesthetic medicine and dentistry. The treatments are based on the Dental Face Lifting® program, an original method of multi-level and sustained facial rejuvenation and correction of facial shape using the techniques from the field of dentistry and aesthetic medicine.
Centrum Medyczne Meritum
Medical Center "Meritum" (Centrum Medyczne "Meritum") has been established in 2012 in Kamień Pomorski (Poland), a picturesque spa town, known for, among others, the annual festival of organ and chamber music. Localised very close to the German border, port of Świnoujście and the airports in Goleniów (Szczecin) and Berlin is Medical Center “Meritum” very attractive clinic also for patients from all over Europe.
QM STETIC Medical center
Aesthetic Medicine Center QM STETIC is a place where we provide our patients with the care of their beauty.  Our mission is to help our patients in obtaining the appearance of what they dream, through the selection of appropriate methods and medical technologies.   
We work to achieve maximum satisfaction of our patients. We offer the best results of all our treatments. The best medical advise and professional experience with a responsible attitude toward patients, using the most advanced technology and pharmaceutical products are our advantages. 
Dr Szczyt Plastic Surgery
Dr. Marek Szczyt's Plastic Surgery Clinic is the Clinic of the New Millennium offering 1500 m2 space on three supermodern floors. It is one of the most technologically advanced facilities of this kind in Poland. State-of-the-art equipment, top safety standards, unique architectonic  solutions and total synergy of the most recent achievements in medicine and technology. The Clinic was designed on the basis of the most modern solutions which are characteristic for medical facilities of this kind across the world.