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MDental Treatment room
We proudly present our professional dental care in an attractive and welcoming environment in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. Are you looking for a dental surgery and implants or a prosthesis on implants? MDental is the right choice for a sophisticated smile makeover and a long lasting smile.
Klinika Stomatologiczna dr Jacek Dawidowicz
Our mission is to care for the health and beautiful smile of patients. We are a close-knit team of professionals, who since 1989, seeks to provide a friendly atmosphere and service at the highest level. We took care of modern office design and the latest technology, including:
Unident Union Dental Spa
Unident Union Dental Spa is a well-known clinic, specializing in interdisciplinary therapies combining elements of aesthetic medicine and dentistry. The treatments are based on the Dental Face Lifting® program, an original method of multi-level and sustained facial rejuvenation and correction of facial shape using the techniques from the field of dentistry and aesthetic medicine.
Duda Clinic Klinika Implantologii i Stomatologii Estetycznej
Welcome to the Duda Clinic, a leader and authority in dentistry and dental implantology. We warrants the medical and dental treatment at the highest level. Several years of international experience made dental implantology as not only my profession but also passion and life vision.